about us

Broken Before the Throne is a prayer ministry that the Lord birthed in Dan Biser.  The Lord called Dan into the ministry, to be a pastor, at the age of 16.  He began to do pulpit supply after graduation from high school and the family relocated into WV.  Dan was called to his first church in Petersburg, WV at the age of 19.   Dan has served churches in WV, KY, and IN.

The Lord began to do a new work in Dan's life and ministry apart from pastoring local congregations, in the ministry of prayer.  God Divinely placed TW Hunt into his life, to teach and instruct on the discipline of prayer.  Through TW, and many other open doors of prayer and its impact on Christians and the church, led Dan to pursue those that had seen prevailing prayer in revivals and places of God's mercy drops.  Learning that any move of God always came/comes from someone that God ordained to pray, so as to prevail for His kingdom to come, and His will to be done.

Dan met many of those instrumental in the Canadian Revival.  Dr. Dennis Kinlaw of the Asbury Revival, taught him greatly on prevailing prayer and that revival of Asbury in 1970.  And out of the individual praying and prevailing for their own remote life, family and community, God could take a group of prayer warriors and change a region, a nation and a world.  Biographies of great praying saints, also contributed to this fire that God birthed within Dan, to seek to become a 'man of prayer'.   Biographies of Praying Hyde, Charles Finney, JO Fraser, David Brainerd, etc.; and books instructing on prayer by Andrew Murray and EM Bounds are treasures not to be left unmentioned in teaching on prayer.

With this hunger to see and know real, prevailing, kingdom moving prayer, the Lord moved Dan to set meetings to call the church together to hear and learn and pray.  Numerous prayer conferences like Keswick, and Sialkot from years ago, prevailed and birthed great moves of God.  And left the question, 'why not again? why not now?'   And these prayer conferences took on the name, "Broken Before the Throne".  Out of these prayer conferences, saints impact on Dan and numerous Divine moments, God has led us to continue to seek to make the church a house of prayer and God's people, men and women of prayer.