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A Word - Dan Biser Blog

This blog is a devotional/commentary working to cover every verse in the Bible;  this blog started off as a means to do 40 Lenten devotionals for church members;  It was 40 verses found throughout Scripture for a devotional emphasis.  Then the Lord led Dan to start writing some of his favorite verses in the Bible that God had spoken and impacted him with.  Then Dan looked at expanding by trying to do one verse from every book of the Bible (66);  and then pursued looking at one verse from every chapter in the Bible (1,189).   Currently Dan got to the place, that he was no longer satisfied with one verse per chapter, but was led to begin with doing every verse.   Other great saints, like Matthew Henry, and numerous others did the whole Bible.  This is a life long pursuit.    


Dan Biser Blog - Updates Ceased as of Sep. 2020

Apart from A Word blog, which was Dan's main focus of writing and documenting his work, he started this blog in 2011, to document all prayer emails, articles, and bible studies.  There are numerous word and phrase studies from his bible readings.  Two of the largest is those documented of, "I will's of God"; and The Activity of God in each book of the Bible.    Other blog posts are the numerous prayer emphasis and calls to prayer that has been shared over the years with many prayer and spiritual leaders.  All letters and posts I have written and shared from this blog and on any issues of his ministry.  In 2020, I stopped this blog; and began a 2nd blog.  


Dan Biser Blog II - Active Ministry Blog

This is the second blog of Dan's personal writings and especially 'The Activity of God' in each book of the Bible.   Prayer emails, writings and studies on prayer and Bible subjects.